Buffalo Bills’ Gabe Davis is post-hype best sleeper of 2023 – who’s joining him?

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Fantasy directors are a fickle bunch, and when a player doesn’t live up to expectations right away, their value depreciates faster than a new car taken off the market. But the sharp turns in opinions ignore the fact that some players work through detours before finding the perfect combination of experience, talent, and opportunity.

The following eight men could recover from some past frustrations and emerge as sleepers after the hype this season.

Love got a bad rap immediately after being drafted, as the Packers decided to pick a file Aaron Rodgers Khalifa in the first round was widely criticized by fans and analysts. Three years later, we have no idea if this guy can play. After all, Love only scored one start over his first two seasons, and that appearance was a tough game for Kansas City during his rookie campaign.

Love can fall flat on his face, but with offensive guru Matt Lafleur by his side, he has an upside worth pursuing as a QB2 in Superflex formats.

It is fair to say that the Lions did not believe in Swift. Among the top 15 picks in as many 2022 fantasy drafts, the Georgia alum has been allowed to carry the ball just 99 times in 14 games. Swift is now getting a fresh start with a Philadelphia team that ranked fifth in the Speeders last year and lost its MVP RB, Miles Sandersin free agency. Highly talented as a rusher and receiver, Swift could fulfill his 2022 predictions year after year and reward those who never became after getting burned by Detroit.

No player in this article better designs a sleeper profile after hype than Davis. The downfield threat has taken off in the 2022 fantasy draft season in the wake of A.J Four-way TD playoff game That sent hack predictions through the roof. And although Davis wasn’t bad last year, his managers were expecting a better catch of 48 passes and 836 yards. Still only 24 years old, Davis could have taken his game to another level by picking up some of the 65 goals vacated due to the departure of Isaiah Mackenzie.

Brown was hoping his career would take off in 2022. After all, the Cardinals had recently traded a first-round pick for receiver, who was coming off his first 1,000-yard season on Baltimore’s heavy-handed offense. The breakout campaign did not materialize, as Brown produced 59.1 yards per game, scored only three times and missed five contests due to injury.

This year the drafters see little hope for the 26-year-old, taking him averaging to a WR35, in part because of the QB’s uncertain status Kyler Murray. But with the target pig DeAndre Hopkins From the roster, and Arizona likely trailing in several games, there’s a chance the Browns will have the biggest workload of their five-year career.

After a promising rookie year (538 yards, five TDs in 11 games), Moore and the Jets were unable to get on the same page regarding his role on offense during a disappointing second season. The 23-year-old is making a fresh start in Cleveland this year, where he is expected to start alongside them Amari Cooper while working with Deshaun Watson, who is far more talented than anyone who ever threw passes at Moore Road in New York. With talented players in every skill position, the Browns could have an electric offense this season.

Rookie QB Bryce Young He will no doubt be on the lookout for a future transfer during training camp and the early weeks of the 2023 season. The 32-year-old is unlikely to answer Adam Thelin, which can no longer be the focal point of the crime. Shark is the running back’s best bet, at just 26 years old and passing 1,000 yards in 2019 before injuries wreak havoc on his next three seasons.

Marshall is sleeping deeper. Still only 23 years old, he was a second-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft after recording 23 TDs in his final two seasons at LSU. Marshall averaged 17.5 yards per catch last season and could become Young’s favorite big game option.

The sixth TE off the board in Yahoo drafts, Pitts may not be getting enough credit for his massive potential. Sure, he’s coming off a disappointing sophomore season that included just 356 yards in 10 games. And yes, the Falcons will likely have a heavy offense with an inexperienced QB (Desmond Reader). But Bates is still the same guy who was the first non-QB selected in the 2021 NFL Draft and had his first 1,000-yard rookie season by a TE in 60 years. If Ridder proves better than the start of 2022 Marcus MariotaBates could become one of the top three fantasy options in his position.

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