Driving Lessons: Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director, BMW Group Middle East

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This article is part of The 2023 edition of Entrepreneur Middle East’s annual Follow The Leader seriesCEOs from the region talk about strategy, industry-specific tactics, and career challenges as they lead their own businesses to success.

Dr. Hameed Haqparwar, an automotive expert with an extensive international background, has been appointed Managing Director for the Middle East region at BMW Groupone of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles, in 2018. His current position follows a career path that, interestingly enough, began with Dr. Haqparwar at the BMW Group headquarters in Germany and then embellished with several senior management positions he enacted in the same company after that.

Thus, it is his experiences at the BMW Group that underscore his entrepreneurial ideas, which, if taken seriously by all of us, will certainly be worthwhile in our own endeavours. “Leadership includes rolling up your sleeves, and actively participating in daily tasks with your team members,” says Dr. Hagparwar. “By doing this, you earn their respect and build a strong foundation of trust. And that means too Practice the values ​​you preach, which you want to instill in your team. Whether it’s integrity, accountability, or a strong work ethic, you need to demonstrate it through your actions. Finally, make it clear that you are not above anyone else on the team. If you want your team to show up on time, it’s crucial that you do that, too. If you want them to respect your deadlines, it is imperative that you respect theirs first. This creates a culture of accountability, mutual respect, fairness and high performance within the team.”

Of course, the best leaders are those who speak up – and this is something Dr. Haqparwar personally strives to achieve every day in his role. “Leaders must lead from the front to get the best out of their teams,” notes Dr. Haqparwar. “This is the approach I have always relied on in my leadership journey.”

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Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director, BMW Group Middle East. Image courtesy of BMW Middle East.

executive summary: Dr. Hamid Haqparwar reflects on what he considers to be one of the most important things he has learned about leadership

“The biggest lesson I learned is, easily, the importance of keeping your cool as a leader. In the many challenges and uncertainties of your career, your composure and calmness will become paramount. Responsibility for directing your team Through difficult situations – you show your ability to remain calm and follow through Resilience and resourcefulness, inspiring your team to approach challenges with a balanced mindset.

Basically, your team seeks stability and trust from you, whether they know it or not. In times of crisis, it is essential to remember that every problem has a solution. Your role includes helping your team focus on finding those solutions. By remaining calm, you avoid transmitting uncertainty and panic to your team members. Their steady and stable presence helps them to think clearly and Work to solve the problem.

Keeping calm also allows you to maintain a strategic perspective. It prevents quick reactions and hasty decision-making, which can further complicate the problem. By embodying composure, senior executives set the tone for resilience, problem-solving, and success in the face of adversity.”

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