Greek Floods: Newlywed Austrian Couple Missing After Vacation Home Swept Away

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Floods In the wake of relentless downpours in Greece, an Austrian couple on their honeymoon is currently unaccounted for as their vacation retreat succumbed to the destructive floods.

According to reports from emergency services communicated to the BBC, a search operation is underway to locate the missing couple, as well as several others who remain unaccounted for.

Central Greece finds itself grappling with a dire situation as entire villages are submerged beneath floodwaters, leaving residents stranded atop their rooftops.

Since the onset of Storm Daniel this week, the death toll has risen to over a dozen individuals, impacting Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

The Austrian newlyweds sought refuge inside the bungalow they had rented for their honeymoon amidst the deluge that inundated central Greece, as detailed by the property’s owner, Thanasis Samaras.

However, in a tragic turn of events, the bungalow, situated in the coastal resort of Potistika near Mount Pelion, was washed away by flash floods, leaving Mr. Samaras and other guests with no choice but to evacuate to higher ground, all while urging the couple to do the same.

“The situation was extremely dire. Making decisions in such moments is exceedingly challenging,” Mr. Samaras expressed.

He further revealed that the newlyweds, hailing from Graz, Austria, had recently tied the knot upon their arrival for their vacation.

The Greek fire brigade has mobilized a search team in the area, actively seeking missing persons, including the newly married Austrian couple.

Certain regions of Greece experienced an unprecedented deluge, with rainfall reaching up to 800mm (31.5 inches) in recent days, exceeding the annual average by far.

The Karditsa plain in central Greece has effectively transformed into a vast lake, submerging villages around Palamas.

Greek floods: Austrian honeymooners missing after holiday home swept away

Mayor Giorgos Sakellariou of Palamas issued a desperate plea for assistance on Greek television, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by residents trapped in their homes and immediate peril. “The situation in Palamas is tragic,” he lamented. “People are trapped in their houses. We will have people drowning.”

Rescue operations have been hindered by the collapse of several bridges in the area and extensive damage to roadways.

Footage depicts fire brigade helicopters conducting daring rescues of individuals stranded in floodwaters and atop rooftops, part of a massive effort led by emergency services and the military to reach isolated communities.

The adverse weather conditions also affected Athens and the island of Skiathos, leaving thousands of tourists stranded, in addition to impacting coastal areas around Volos and Pelion.

Volos remains without electricity and running water for the third consecutive day. Local authorities have resorted to transferring water from swimming pools to a city hospital to ensure the continuation of dialysis and chemotherapy treatments, as reported by ERT.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis canceled a significant government engagement initially scheduled for the weekend, redirecting his efforts toward visiting the afflicted regions in response to the escalating crisis.

Storm Daniel has wreaked havoc across Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria since Monday, resulting in a death toll that has now exceeded a dozen individuals, with at least four casualties in Greece.

Climate scientists have issued warnings, citing global warming as a driving force behind heightened summer evaporation, leading to more intensified storms.

Greece has grappled with devastating wildfires throughout most of the summer, including the EU’s largest on record, which claimed the lives of at least 20 people last month.

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