Spain coach Jorge Vilda appears to hold his coach’s breast during the World Cup final

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It seems that Jorge Filda is holding the chest of a Spain coach (Twitter)

It seems that Jorge Filda is holding the chest of a Spain coach (Twitter)

After the President of the Spanish Federation Luis Rubiales has been widely criticized for kissing Jenny Hermoso on the lips On stage, footage of coach Jorge Vilda inappropriately touching a female staff member during a match has now emerged.

In the moments after Olga Carmona The goal of winning the World CupThe Spanish crew celebrated, but Vilda’s arm appeared to move from his teammate’s shoulder to her chest for a longer period of time than a brief moment, before returning.

Filda is a divisive figure in Spain, backed by Rubiales was surrounded by controversy. Last year 15 players in the team Send a resignation email From the national team – supported by stars Alexia Potellas, Hermoso and Irene Paredes – and they had many complaints.

The issues revolved around Vilda’s management style, and he was called out for being a discipline freak, but there were broader concerns about the old setup in general.

While there are undoubtedly broader problems and concerns beyond what happened in the final, it is problematic that both of Spain’s senior officials, who have always been so supportive of each other, are at odds. Their actions were widely criticized.

Many players reportedly felt small, and the athlete I mentioned that even four years ago, there was a rule from above that players weren’t allowed to lock their hotel room doors at night while on international duty until the manager came over and checked everything.

Spain arguably faltered at the Euros last summer when they were knocked out by England in a close quarter-final, sparking a revolt against Vilda, but tensions have been brewing for much longer.

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