Special Counsel to Indict Hunter Biden for Gun Possession

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The indictment of Hunter Biden gun possession charges could occur before the end of September. Also, this comes after Biden’s previous plea deal involving the gun charges fell apart in court, leaving the matter unresolved.

Unveiling indictment of Hunter Biden for Gun Possession Charges

In October 2018, Hunter Biden was involved in an incident where Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau, threw a gun belonging to Hunter into the trash behind a grocery store in Delaware. When Hallie returned later to retrieve the gun, it was no longer there. 

This prompted an investigation into Hunter Biden for gun possession charges, since he had lied on background check paperwork for the gun by answering that he did not use illegal drugs. However, Hunter had previously struggled with drug abuse issues. 

In March 2021, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) conducted a search of Hunter’s home in Delaware and seized a .38 caliber revolver from the property, and this led to federal felony gun possession charges for Hunter Biden due to his false statements and drug use.

Hunter Biden for gun possession
Hunter Biden for gun possession

Plea Deal on indictment of Hunter Biden for Gun Possession

Initially, in 2021, regarding the indictment of Hunter Biden for Gun Posession Charges, his legal team reached a deal with federal prosecutors to avoid prosecution. The deal involved admitting to a single misdemeanor charge and complying with various conditions over a 24-month probation period.

However, when Hunter appeared in court in July 2022 to formally enter his guilty plea, he provided confusing answers about potentially owning yet another firearm. This led the presiding judge to reject the plea agreement over concerns that its terms would not deter Hunter from further firearm violations.

With the plea deal falling apart, the charges related to the 2018 incident involving Hunter’s .38 caliber revolver have remained pending and unresolved. The office of special counsel David Weiss is now seeking to revive the felony indictment on Hunter Biden for gun possession charges before the case hits its expiration date at the end of September.

A deep dive into the Impact of a Full Indictment

The collapsed plea deal means Hunter now faces the prospect of a complete indictment on multiple felony counts for the gun possession charges instead of a single misdemeanor conviction. If indicted and convicted, he could potentially face years in prison.

The charges also bring renewed scrutiny to Hunter’s controversial business dealings and a history of struggling with drug addiction. With his father now president, Hunter’s legal troubles have political implications as well.

President Biden is not implicated in his son’s gun case. However, it keeps Hunter’s past in the public spotlight at a time when the Biden administration faces various investigations from a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

What to Expect Next 

Special counsel Weiss has notified the court of plans to pursue Hunter’s indictment before the end of September. Barring a dismissal, the next steps will likely be:

  • Hunter Biden being indicted on felony gun charges 
  • An arrangement of Hunter’s initial court appearance and arraignment
  • Further court proceedings and negotiations around a potential retrial or plea deal

The path forward remains uncertain given the complexities of the case. But the latest update indicates Hunter will face formal criminal charges for his 2018 gun incident after over two years of legal proceedings.

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