Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon apologises over toxic workplace claims

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Jimmy Fallon has extended his apologies to the NBC’s Tonight Show team following allegations of a hostile work environment.

“I feel deeply remorseful, I can’t even put it into words,” he conveyed during a Zoom call with staff, as reported by Rolling Stone magazine.

This development comes after an investigation by the aforementioned magazine exposed troubling allegations made by 16 current and former staff members of the US TV show.

According to these individuals, they endured years of feeling belittled and subjected to intimidation. Fallon’s behavior was characterized as “erratic,” fluctuating between what they termed “good Jimmy days” and “bad Jimmy days.” They also mentioned encountering angry “outbursts.”

As per the original Rolling Stone story that unveiled these allegations, the guests’ dressing rooms were referred to as “crying rooms.”

“One’s dream job often turns into a nightmare here,” lamented an anonymous source to the magazine.

Despite raising concerns with the human resources department, those who spoke out claimed their issues remained unresolved, as per the magazine’s report.

All current and former staff members who spoke to Rolling Stone insisted on anonymity due to concerns about potential repercussions.

In response, an NBC spokesperson issued a statement: “We take immense pride in The Tonight Show, and ensuring a respectful working environment is a paramount concern… Just like any workplace, we’ve had employees raise concerns; these have been thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions have been taken.”

Jimmy Fallon has extended his apologies to the NBC

In light of the Rolling Stone investigation, Fallon reportedly addressed his staff on the show, stating, “I’m deeply embarrassed and genuinely sorry for any embarrassment this has caused you, your families, and friends.”

However, some current show employees have stepped forward in defense of Fallon.

One anonymous individual told People magazine that Fallon is “an incredibly positive figure” who goes out of his way to acknowledge good work and express his happiness. They added, “I’ve never experienced belittlement, yelling, or anything of that sort.”

Another employee, who claimed to be unaware of the “crying rooms,” expressed satisfaction with their current work environment, saying, “I’m genuinely content working here.”

Since taking over as the host of The Tonight Show in 2014, Fallon has seen the show under the leadership of nine different showrunners, top-level TV producers.

During its debut with Fallon, the show garnered over 11 million viewers. Prior to hosting The Tonight Show, Fallon had established his reputation in comedy as the host of NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

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